Below are some resources I have developed for my courses. Please feel free to use them with attribution.

Linguistic Landscape Activity

This activity is directly adapted from Bell, Allan. 2013. Guidebook to Sociolinguistics, Chapter 9. I implement it by reserving a classroom in the library, a more linguistically rich environment, and sending students out for half of our class period to document sources. I use Linoit, a free bulletin-boarding web app, to allow students to post photos from their smartphones which we can then project and discuss as a class.

Clipping a File in Audacity

Instructions on how to use the freeware program Audacity to clip sound files (for analysis of snippets of data)

Transcribing in ELAN

Instructions on how to use the annotation tool ELAN for transcription; includes instructions on exporting in tab-delimited format and exporting to Praat TextGrid format.